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1. The essence of the enterprise: regarding honesty as the foundation to stand in the world for a hundred years, promoting growth with great virtues.

2. Philosophy of the enterprise: innovation, dedication, devotion, willingness.

3. Value of the enterprise: the enterprise wins, customers win, partners win.

4. Vision of the enterprise: To be the most valuable diversified international group company.

5. The goal of the real estate group: to do a project, to build a brand.

6. Business philosophy of the management consulting group: gaining the trust of others through honesty and a jade-like transparent heart.

7. Management philosophy of the hotel management group: precision, exquisiteness, meticulousness, quality, taste and character.

8. Top ten professional qualities of the employees: ①dedication ②initiative ③responsibility ④implementation ⑤character ⑥performance ⑦collaboration ⑧wisdom ⑨image ⑩development

Contents of the corporate culture:

(1) Regarding honesty as the foundation to stand in the world for a hundred years and promoting growth with great virtues are the essence of our enterprise. We expect that our colleagues can maintain high moral standards both at work and in private life.

(2) Customer benefits are always paramount. Our experience shows that as long as you are dedicated to your customers, success will follow.

(3) Our most important principle is the enterprise wins, customers win, and partners win. We not only value economic benefits, but also value social benefits. Sustained success depends on a firm adherence to this principle.

(4) Our goal is to create benefits, and profitability is the key to achieving profitable growth, enriching capital, and recruiting and retaining the best talents.

(5) We are proud of our professional quality. For all the work we do, we always pursue excellence with the firmest determination. We are a diversified company, but we also pay attention to quality in the development of diversification. We do not pursue bigness, but pursue excellence.

(6) We spare no effort to identify and recruit the best talent for each job. We understand that it is difficult to become the most top-notch company without the most talented employees. We carefully select talents who have the ability to learn continuously and grow fast and who can integrate into the team one by one.

(7) The career development process we provide to our colleagues is faster than most companies. Promotion depends on ability and performance. Our best colleagues have unlimited potential and the responsibilities they can assume are also not fixed. To be successful, our colleagues must be able to reflect the diversity of society and culture of the regions we operate in. This means that the company must attract, retain and motivate colleagues with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We believe that diversity is not an option, but a must.

(8) Our colleagues' dedication to the company and their hard work and enthusiasm for the work go beyond most other institutions. We believe that this is an important factor for our success.

(9) We strive to continuously anticipate the rapidly changing customer needs and are committed to developing new services to meet these needs. We are fully aware that the environment of various industries is changing rapidly, and we are also familiar with the principle of complacency spells,while modesty brings benefits.

(10) Our industry is highly competitive, so we are aggressively seeking to expand our relationships with the customers. However, we firmly adhere to the principle of fair competition and will never ruin our competitors.